Solid, Secure Wi-Fi with CareWorx

The struggle for dependable, secure Wi-Fi is most definitely real in senior care.

As more facilities take advantage of the latest innovations in mobile technology, good Wi-Fi has become a necessity, not an option. Staff requirements for efficiency at the point of care and growing resident expectations all point to needing a solid wireless plan. And since most senior care facilities are made of hearty stuff, coverage and performance issues are common. CareWorx can help you define your wireless strategy, plan your implementation, roll it out and support the mobility your team needs to better serve residents.

With a Forward-looking Wireless Strategy You Can:

  • Provide staff with innovative mobile solutions
  • Enable anywhere, anytime access to resident data within a facility
  • Achieve greater efficiency and productivity
  • Ensure data security
  • Satisfy increasingly sophisticated resident expectations

A network that can handle demand and enable staff to experience true mobility in the delivery of care, contributes to greater efficiency, employee satisfaction and better resident care.

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Assess – Plan – Implement With CareWorx

CareWorx can:

  • Conduct Wi-Fi and network assessments to determine where you’re at today,
  • Help you plan your wireless/technology strategy,
  • Upgrade existing or implement new infrastructure that can scale with future demand, and
  • Monitor your network to ensure all is running smoothly.

CareWorx has decades of experience designing and implementing wireless networks and understands the unique requirements in senior care. We partner with the best network equipment suppliers in the business and have flexible plans that work with your budget.

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Start With an Assessment

Wi-Fi/Network Assessments

  • Where are you at today with network infrastructure?
  • Does your current Wi-Fi network help or hinder use of technology?
  • What are your future technology plans?

CareWorx can assess your existing network and help plan your wireless strategy.

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Have questions? We have answers that will help make the most of your technology investments!

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Taas It!

CareWorx TaaS gives you the technology you need in a flexible, affordable payment model.

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Support Solutions

CareWorx offers a range of personalized helpdesk support options to meet your needs.

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