Secure, Efficient Access to Senior Care Applications

Your team members need access to multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to do their jobs.
ConnectOne makes it simpler and safer for users to access the apps and data they need – anytime, anywhere.

Convenience Without Sacrificing Security

With more SaaS apps, comes more logins to manage, which can cause frustration and often leads to practices that threaten data security.

ConnectOne single sign-on makes accessing the tools you need simple, through a user-friendly dashboard.

Strengthen Security & Compliance

  • One password provides secure access to multiple applications.
  • Set access policies based on users, locations, applications
  • Secure accounts with multi-factor authentication if needed

Improvements in Process and Practice

ConnectOne gives you the power to streamline access management and find efficiency gains in multiple areas.

Drive Efficiency and User Productivity

  • Centralize access management for all users, directories and applications.
  • Accelerate application rollout and employee onboarding/offboarding.
  • Enable access to all apps from single secure portal – any device, any location.
  • Significantly reduce access-related helpdesk requests.
Mobility in senior care

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