Senior Care Employee Satisfaction: Supporting Your ‘Internal Customers’

Ask any company what their biggest priorities are and ‘taking care of customers’ or ‘customer satisfaction’ will always top the list. Making sure their needs are met, ensuring service levels are top notch.  It’s not rocket science – just good business.

And when companies talk about customers they are most likely talking about ‘external’ organizations or individuals that rely on them for products or services. But what about that other set of customers? The internal ones – otherwise known as your staff or employees?

We would argue that it’s just as important for any organization to realize that employees are an important audience they need to satisfy. The studies are there: engaged satisfied employees directly correlate to higher customer satisfaction levels and business success.

Solid Technology Support: The Often-Missing Link to Engagement and Satisfaction

Many would assume keeping employees happy and engaged is all about HR-related concerns like pay and benefits. But one of the often-forgotten pieces of the employee satisfaction puzzle is IT or technology support. Having the right systems and tools in place to support how employees do their jobs is critical – but equally important is making sure that technology works when, where and how your team needs it.

“Good support can make all the difference when it comes to employee attitudes towards using technology in the first place,” David Hall, Service Desk Manager at CareWorx. “We hear it first-hand from the senior care facilities for which we provide service desk support. End-users themselves tell us what a difference fast, knowledgeable support has made to ensure they can do their jobs and better take care of residents –  at any time of day.”

CareWorx specializes in providing the kind of front-line technology support that helps organizations boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • We offer a personalized support approach with knowledgeable staff
  • We help fill in gaps with available after hours and 24×7 support
  • CareWorx is not a call centre, we are technology and service desk support experts
  • The CareWorx Senior Care division specializes in hardware, support, wireless solutions and managed services for the Senior Care industry

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