Technology & Innovation: Leading the Way to Better Care

This blog post appeared first on the PointClickCare SUMMIT 2018 blog. CareWorx is proud to be this year’s conference sponsor at the event in Nashville, November 4-7, 2018. 

The “Silver Tsunami” is quickly approaching and unfortunately, the available resources to care for seniors will be unable to keep up with the astronomical demand. It is reported that by 2019, 71.4 million people will be 65-years-old or older. This will represent almost 20 percent of the U.S. population, which has grown almost 14 percent since 2012.

So, what can we do to continue to care for those who need it most? If you ask our SUMMIT partner, CareWorx, there is something that can bridge the gap, and that’s technology and innovation.

As one of the top 50 global-managed service providers, CareWorx is the market leader in technology solutions for the senior care sector. They have been working in senior care for 15 years, have over 180 employees, and provide senior care facilities with the technology equipment and IT support services they need on a daily basis. What does that really mean? CareWorx EVP and GM Mark McIntyre describes it as being the people behind the scenes — the ones who manage the “technological plumbing” of a facility to keep things on track and moving smoothly.

“Technology is what keeps organizations running and that’s truer today than ever before,” says McIntyre. “Our goal is to ensure senior care communities make smart technology decisions that support the ultimate goal of providing the best care possible.” Even though the senior care sector is faced with many challenges, the technology available today provides operators with opportunities to create efficiencies, do more with static budgets, and maintain security — all while providing greater care and resident-experience outcomes.

“It’s possible to use mobile devices for multiple purposes like communications, point of care, skin and wound management, employee engagement, and clocking in and out,” says McIntyre. “It’s not just about process efficiency — although that’s really important — it’s also about cost control and security, employee satisfaction, and making choices that improve the functioning of a facility overall.”

“We’re also seeing amazing technology and innovation from organizations like PointClickCare who understand the sector and are providing ways to make delivering care easier,” says Jason Brown, CareWorx VP of Technical Services. “We make it our mission to partner with innovators. Organizations like CarePredict, for example, are giving us wearable tech with deep learning built in to monitor, track, and report on patient activities — helping to identify trends that can improve care plans and prevent issues. Or Cliniconex (booth #417 in the Partner Marketplace), that has a platform designed to give staff back the time to deliver direct care through automation of resident/family communication tasks.”

Bottom line: Learning how technology can benefit operations and run the business better, ultimately equals better care. However, facilities need to make sure a technology strategy is created alongside overall strategic planning — regardless of the size of your senior care community.

“Communities first need the basic building blocks to support technology,” says McIntyre, “which can be as simple as ensuring a solid Wi-Fi connection. And that comes from proper planning.” Technology can seem daunting at times, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach.

“Technology can’t be ignored — it isn’t going anywhere — and without it, facilities are hurting their chances to remain competitive,” says McIntyre. “Security and compliance are real concerns, but organizations don’t have to be afraid — just prepared.”

“Referral sources, ACOs, and integrated care networks have built technology frameworks and will partner with providers who have the technology to share critical resident data with the end goal of reducing rehospitalizations and improving care,” says Matt Mello, CareWorx Director of Sales.

The best part is, you don’t have to go it alone. There are tech experts out there to help you make the most of your technology investments and show you what’s possible.

Drop by the CareWorx booth (#201, in the Partner Marketplace) at SUMMIT to learn more about the latest innovations and how to use technology to bridge the gap between growing demand and resources.