IT Infrastructure: Laying the Groundwork for Technology Success in Senior Care

By Mark Tomzak
President, CareWorx

Wi-Fi: The Struggle is Real

Wi-Fi: The Struggle is Real

I recently read a Q&A article with Majd Alwan, Senior VP of Technology with Leading Age and Executive Director of the Leading Age Centre for Aging Services Technology. (CAST).

When asked what he considered the most important technology in senior care right now, he talked about ensuring you have the right foundation – the IT infrastructure upon which all other tech applications need to sit.

I couldn’t agree more. With mobility on the rise, a facility’s Wi-Fi network has to be the first step in planning.

Alwan goes on to say that senior care organizations need to look at their strategic plan, determine their technology direction, and build out their infrastructure accordingly.

Sounds logical right? I think we can agree that this is the way it should work. Based on our experience at CareWorx however, having the right infrastructure is still a challenge for many.

We recently wrapped up a series of Fall events – conferences that many in the sector attend: AHCA, Leading Age and PointClickCare Summit. Our team gave away and wore shirts labelled The Struggle is Real with a low Wi-Fi symbol on it. We’ve never had such a strong reaction from a conference giveaway. What a conversation starter!

The shirt’s message clearly resonated. We had people showing up asking for them, telling us stories about Wi-Fi network issues and how they wanted to wear the shirts to work. The latter they often said while laughing out loud.

All this to say, we clearly know this is a pain point in the industry. Your infrastructure has to be designed to meet the demands that will be put upon it. Technology adoption and attempts at greater mobility will be hampered if IT infrastructure isn’t part of the larger plan.

Have questions about your IT Infrastructure?  Contact CareWorx for more info on how to ensure your Wi-Fi network can handle your technology plans.