Giving Care Delivery Staff the Time to Care

Giving Care Delivery Staff the Time to Care

By Mark McIntyre, EVP & GM, CareWorx Fully Managed

We all know that one of the biggest challenges in senior care today is trying to do more with what you have (or with less): budgets that don’t increase, staffing challenges and expanding workloads.  Facilities are looking for ways to be more efficient, to attract and retain staff, all while providing the best level of care possible.

Which brings me to the subject of automation and our recent partner announcement with Cliniconex.  To some, automation sounds like a scary notion with negative, impersonal connotations.

To us, it means using technology to streamline manual processes and help care staff focus on what they were meant to do – provide care to residents. The Cliniconex solution is designed to automate resident family engagement — giving facilities the ability to share routine communications with resident families in modern ways that they likely prefer, like email or text. No more phone tag.

The Dollars and Cents of Automating Resident Family Engagement

Consider the cost of nursing staff being pulled from care duties to make phone calls to a resident’s family. If a facility-wide outbreak were to occur in 120 bed home, this would result in a need for hundreds of outbound calls to be made. When you consider that it takes an average of 3 to 5 attempts to get hold of a family member and that an average call lasts 12 minutes, this adds up to more than 24 hours in lost nursing time. Time that could and should be spent caring for residents.

By using an automated system like Cliniconex, the on-shift nursing supervisor has the ability to simply select a template, target the affected facility (and/or unit) and send the message to all resident family contacts within minutes. The system would automatically gather family members’ contact information from the EHR and send it to a preferred device via voice, text or email.

The end result? Best-case outcomes for less:

  • Resident family members are promptly informed
  • More caregiving face time for residents
  • Staff focused on their intended jobs, not administrative tasks

This is technology delivering real value and a small, easy step on the path to digital transformation for senior care communities of all sizes.


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