Convenience + Security + IT Savings: a Win Win Win for Senior Care

Convenience + Enhanced Security + IT Savings: a Win-Win-Win for Senior Care

By Mark McIntyre, EVP & GM, CareWorx Fully Managed

Security is always a big topic of conversation when we talk to our senior care customers. Earlier this year we introduction a new solution called ConnectOne to solve a uniquely modern security-related problem – the plague of multiple passwords. If you are like most people, you have several dozen passwords you need to remember on a regular basis. And despite what the security experts tell us, most of us try to make it easy on ourselves by either:

  • using the same password over and over again,
  • using variations of the same password
  • sharing passwords with family members or colleagues
  • or the classic, writing passwords down, often on a sticky note in plain sight.

But these lazy password practices can have serious consequences when it comes to IT security in senior care facilities.

Healthcare is a Target

Security breaches are very real and healthcare organizations are a target.  The extensive personal data stored by senior care and other health organizations is attractive to cybercriminals. According to an October 2018 Forbes article stolen personal data can be used for identity theft and accessing services. And in a healthcare setting, losing access to that data during a cyberattack can literally mean life or death for residents.

So facilities need to do all they can to protect that data and that includes helping your staff contribute to better security practices.

One Security Solution – Multiple Benefits

ConnectOne is an Identity and Access Management Solution – in simple terms it helps streamline access to all the SaaS applications staff need to do their jobs, while creating a much more secure process for logging in. The benefits are numerous:

  • For staff, convenience tops the list. Team members have one secure password to remember to gain access to all the apps they need.
  • For IT, better security and efficiency gains are key. IT teams can expect a vast reduction in password reset issues, will have centralized control over which employees can access what SaaS applications, and will also benefit from improved and more efficient onboarding and offboarding processes – when people join or leave the company.
  • For the organization as a whole – a cost-effective, easy-to-implement tech solution for realizing greater organizational efficiency, happier staff and a boost in end-user security practices.

Data security should be a priority for everyone in your senior care facility, not just IT.

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