2018 – Make or Break Year for Technology in Senior Care?

As we start the new year, many of you are finalizing long term planning and budgets for your organization. And even though plans shift as you move forward, having a strategy or roadmap in place, will help guide your organization for years to come.

While most organizations have strategic plans, fewer have plans that specifically address technology and how that ties to overall organizational objectives.

 The talk about technology

  • McKnight’s LTC News Editorial Director John O’Connor recently posted an article with his top 3 predictions for 2018 – one of which was: “Tech Tools, tech tools, tech tools”.  He goes on to say that 2018 looks like the year where technology becomes a make or break proposition for the LTPAC sector.
  • Travis Palmquist of PointClickCare also shared his list of what technology trends to watch for in Senior Living this year. He also states that integrated technology gives operators the opportunity for better team engagement, higher levels of service delivery and better ability to manage the health of their business and residents.
  • In a November blog post, CareWorx also discussed IT Infrastructure – a major issue echoed by Majd Alwan, Senior VP of Technology with Leading Age.
  • Even the people who design senior communities are talking about integrated technology as part of the norm – not the exception.

Has your organization made technology planning a priority?

Does your organization have a specific technology roadmap in place?  More importantly, does it tie into larger organizational objectives and plans?  If not, it should!

  • Are you implementing Electronic Health Records or other software to improve your overall efficiency?
  • Do you have employee retention and engagement targets?
  • Are you trying to measure resident satisfaction and improve the overall level of care you provide?
  • Do you need to upgrade IT infrastructure to take advantage of the latest innovation and solutions?

Having the right technology in place can help with all of these points, but it needs to be implemented correctly with good strategy behind it all.

As our friends at Leading Age remind us:

Technology adoption must be viewed as a strategic asset, especially in light of the changing consumer landscape.

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