Flexible, Affordable Solutions for Senior Care Technology

Technology-as-a-Service®, or TaaS, provides you with new options – enabling your organization to get the very best hardware and technology services you need without the large up-front costs.

The Benefits of TaaS

Defined Costs: No large CapEx hits to purchase physical assets. TaaS gives you access to the latest technology and services with a clear picture of monthly costs. Plus, you only pay for the value you receive today – we have to keep earning your business!

Scalability: Your organization grows and shifts over time. TaaS makes it easy to scale up or down as needed – making it easy to adapt to divestitures or acquisitions. Access to new or upgraded technology services is simplified and easy to roll out.

Flexibility: TaaS gives you the ability to adapt as your needs change. There is flexibility – making it easierto realize your technology roadmap objectives. No
big technology purchases required, making your organization more nimble.

The Latest – Always: With TaaS, new features, fixes and updates are available and can be automatically pushed, seamlessly ensuring you have the latest technology and security.

You’re Covered: The TaaS model also means your technology is fully supported, eliminating technology hassles for your team.

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