IT Security Master Class Series – Webinars on-demand

In our 5-part webinar on demand educational series our expert presenters review the top 5 security vulnerability issues affecting local businesses technology infrastructure and data.

This series is was designed to give businesses a clear picture of the security concerns that every business faces today when it comes to their technology. It is imperative that businesses of all sizes take a close look at their security strategy. Security concerns are no longer specific to enterprise businesses. Today even small and medium sized businesses are at risk.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you know if your company has a data breach response plan in place?
  2. Can you say you are truly prepared for the loss of data due to a malware attack?
  3. Are you up to date with the latest trends in Ransomware protection?
  4. Are you patching the Operating system, the Application and the Hardware?
  5. Are you aware of the changes to PIPEDA this fall and understand your liability?

If you answered no to at least 2 of these questions this series is for you.  Named as one of the top 50 global Managed Service Providers with over 17 years of experience, we are your local technology security experts.

Part 1: Ransomware

How to protect yourself from ransomware. What an attack looks like today and key considerations that you must be aware of to be prepared.

In this webinar on demand you will learn:

  • The anatomy of a ransomware attack
  • Examples of companies that have been victimized
  • Proactive steps every business can take to prepare
  • The difference between a business continuity and disaster recovery plan
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Part 2: The Layered Security Approach (lead JM)

Session two provides the answer to “what is a layered security approach?” and covers how to effectively implement a well thought out security strategy based on your business needs.

In this webinar on demand you will learn:

  • A clear understanding of the layered security approach
  • How to implement this approach in your business
  • The benefits of having a layered security plan in place
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Part 3: Security Incident Response Planning

Part 3 of our series deals with how to create a Security Incidence Response Plan while suffering an attack then provides additional key considerations when planning for your business.

In this webinar on demand you will learn:

  • What a security incident response plan is
  • Why every business needs to have one in place
  • Where to start when planning a security incident response plan
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Part 4: The Latest in Patch Management and AV

A look at the latest innovations and trends in patch management and anti-virus today and how to effectively leverage this technology as a part of your holistic security strategy.

In this webinar on demand you will learn:

  • Why it is essential to have a clear management strategy around your patching
  • What tools are available to assist companies in putting forth an effective patch management plan
  • The movement between anti-virus and anti-malware and the introduction of A.I.
  • The differences in anti-virus solutions that are on the market today and tips on selecting the right solution
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Part 5: Cloud Security Concerns all Businesses Should Be Aware of

A review on the security concerns you should be considering when thinking about the cloud as well as what to watch out for when considering implementing a cloud security plan.

In this webinar on demand you will learn:

  • Cloud security vs. on-premise security – the pros and cons of both
  • Data privacy and backup considerations when selecting a cloud infrastructure
  • Key factors in selecting a cloud host for your business
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Bio: Jonathan Lawless

Jonathan Lawless, Director of vCIO Services, CareWorx

Jonathan has over 20 years experience in the IT services industry having held positions in project management, Service Design, Service Delivery Management and IT Consulting. Today as CareWorx’ Virtual CIO, business executives count on his advice when it comes to IT strategy and IT planning. Jonathan provides business executives with peace of mind when it comes to their technology. He prides himself in taking the time to get to know his clients’ needs – thereby providing them with the ability to focus on their business with confidence and the knowledge that CareWorx has the right technology plan in place to meet their needs.

Over his career, Jonathan has supported hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses across Canada. This has provided him with an extensive knowledge in the Managed Service industry as well as key experience in IT planning for start-ups – ensuring the right technology is in place for their needs for today and in the future. Jonathan is always on top of security trends in order to assist CareWorx’ clients through the process of becoming compliant with multiple data security and privacy standards.

Outside of work, Jonathan is a self-proclaimed classic car fanatic and spends his time restoring and driving his 1973 Datsun.

Bio: Jason Murphy

Jason Murphy, Sr. Sales Engineer and Solutions Architect, CareWorx

Jason has been in the managed services space for almost 10 years and has been working in IT for the public and private sector for over 18 years. Previously Jason has worked for Health Canada, a Medical Research software company and for Solarwinds. He has worked with Managed Service providers on a global scale playing an instrumental role in helping them become trusted advisors to their clients.

Today at CareWorx, Jason has become the trusted advisor to local area businesses when it comes to advising them on their security strategy and implementation. He works closely with CIOs/CISOs and VPs of Information Technology to understand their needs. Jason takes pride himself in remaining on top of technology trends and the latest innovations to ensure CareWorx’ clients have the right solutions in place in order to take a proactive approach when it comes to security concerns.

Businesses depend on Jason for new security insights and strategic security planning to protect their businesses. Whether in IT Service Management, Remote Monitoring and Management, Business Continuity or Security, Jason serves as an expert advisor to many successful local area businesses.

In his spare time, Jason is an astronomy enthusiast and technology buff.

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Customer Talk – How We Improved End-User Experience with Service Desk

CareWorx Service Desk provides a co-managed program that solves over 90% of 1st level incidents. Available as a 24/7 solution we minimize downtime allowing your staff to focus on your business. Our Service Desk offering is more than just a help desk outsourcing solution. We are an IT company and have the technical knowledge to ensure your end-users receive an exceptional support experience. 

Don’t just take our word for it, join our “Customer Talk” webinar and hear from a real-life customer. Our customer will share her experience and will be open to answer any questions you may have. 


CareWorx: The Power of ITSM – Now You Too Can Have It All!

If you have looked at Service Now as an ITSM solution but turned away because you couldn’t afford the investment or lacked the expertise to implement the solution, look again….

You can now take advantage of the great technology behind ServiceNow for as little as $1125/month.

At CareWorx, we deliver a managed ServiceNow instance that is deployed as a SaaS offering, so you can have set-up in days at a fraction of the cost! This eliminates the need to hire experts to implement your solution and the added administration and training costs of ownership.

  • Cost effective – quick return on investment
  • Painless and straightforward – easy setup and onboarding
  • Fully Customizable – like putting together Lego blocks.

You can now take advantage of all the features and functions that Fortune 500 companies are leveraging to take their service desk to the next level.

Join our webinar and find out about our offering and how you can start benefiting from our offering as many other companies like yours are already taking advantage of.


CareWorx & Pink Elephant: Business Focused Support: Reducing Unplanned Work & Increasing Customer Value

Positive customer engagement and building brand loyalty is highly dependent on providing effective and efficient product support. However many organizations struggle to accomplish these goals due to lack of time, resources and the reactive nature of their support processes. In this informative webinar Troy DuMoulin, VP of R&D at Pink Elephant, will describe how the ITIL processes of Incident and Problem Management have different objectives and how both can improve key customer success metrics. As a secondary benefit these two processes working together effectively reduce the percentage of unplanned work enabling your organization to focus on higher value work.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:
•The differences between Incident Management (Service Restoration) and Problem Management (Structured Problem Solving)
•How Incident Management practices can improve your ability to meet customer service level agreements
•How Problem Management reduces overall incident volumes and increases system stability and availability
•How both processes are critical to enable business focused support


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