24×7 Support

In our consumer-driven world, instant access and immediate problem resolution has become our expectation.  While end-users want their problems solved instantly, IT departments are trying to do more with less.

To increase customer satisfaction and productivity, organizations must consider their end-user experience and have a plan in place to meet their needs in a seamless effective manner without straining their IT resources.

Owning, operating and staffing a comprehensive, 24×7 service desk, however, is difficult if not impossible to afford with traditional tools, staffing or consulting. The good news: improvements in technologies and access to expertise are making the 24×7 service desk an attainable reality, even for businesses with limited IT resources.

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How Can We Help

Whether you have an existing Service Desk team in place or are struggling to provide around-the-clock support, partnering with CareWorx’ Managed Service Desk gives you the ability to hand off front line technical support or extend the capabilities of your in-house team.

Every organization has unique needs…
CareWorx Managed Service Desk solutions are customizable to your unique needs based on:

  • Service level required
  • Hours of service needed (24×7 available)
  • Support ticket volume
  • Required average speed to handle
  • Language requirements
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Extend Your Team

Service desks are often challenged by a host of difficulties

Trying to provide a proper 24×7 customer service experience alone, is a difficult task – whether your organization is large or small. Some of the common issues our clients faced before implementing (or in trying to create their own) Service Desk include:

  • High turnover causing staff recruitment problems
  • Issues hiring and training along with the strain on HR departments
  • Inconsistent service levels
  • Poorly trained staff and lack of the technical expertise
  • Poor internal customer satisfaction leading to ineffective resolutions which result in lost
  • productivity
  • Staff getting sidetracked by end-users resulting in delayed projects

With CareWorx Service Desk your IT department can spend their time on other projects and focus on growing your business. Your IT department will have better satisfaction since they are a resource for your organization with many talented people that can better spend their time instead of helping people reset their passwords.

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Improve Your Service

CareWorx Service Desk offering is more than just a help desk outsourcing solution. As a successful IT company, our technical teams have seen it all. They have the technical knowledge to ensure your end-users receive an exceptional experience and work as a seamless and personalized extension of your team.

  • Self-Serve Portal – bring your customers, whether or internal or external, a view into the future
  • North American-based support
  • Pay for usage not per user
  • No contract
  • English, French and Spanish agents
  • Phone, chat, email, screen-share
  • Business Day, 24×7 and After-Hours options available
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
  • Improve your return on investment – complement your existing team so your staff can focus on services with higher ROI.
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Partnering with CareWorx means having an industry leader with the people, processes & technologies needed to help you manage some or all of IT.

Contact sales@careworx.com for more information.