Security Holistic View

Our Holistic View

We’d love to tell you ‘it will never happen to you’ but we can’t. No one can. In order to prevent security threats such as ransomware, malware, viruses, employee error (or even malicious employee activity) you need to adopt a holistic and continuous approach to your overall IT security & protection. This means putting proactive measures in place to protect your network, all end-points, mobile devices, virtual servers and cloud data.

Before: To steel yourself from attacks, preparations are put in place to ‘control, enforce & harden’. This means having insight into your complete infrastructure and understanding all your vulnerabilities – including your employees themselves. If you have a comprehensive awareness and visibility of what’s on your extended network CareWorx will implement policies and controls to help you defend it by putting the right proactive monitoring & management tools in place.

During: The ability to continuously detect threats and block them is critical. But as attacks become more personalized and sophisticated, invariably, (often due to end-user error or ignorance) they get through. This is when the ability to respond instantly and contain the offensive is critical. Education, automation and internal policy decisions can limit any damage. With real-time insight, CareWorx’ security professionals can employ intelligent automation to help detect, block and continue to defend.

After: Defenders need retrospective security in order to marginalize the impact of an attack. They must identify the point of entry, determine the scope, contain the threat, eliminate the risk of re-infection, and remediate the disruption.

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Backup & Business Continuity

If you lost everything, could you recover?

Costs associated with data loss, and resulting downtime, can be insurmountable. Regular data backup is a must for organizations, but proper planning should be done to ensure that your business can continue in the face of disaster. True business continuity is the ability to keep your business-critical functions operational during any kind of disruptive incident – from natural disasters to employee error and everything in between.

CareWorx offers business continuity in all shapes and sizes: on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid solutions that fit your unique needs and budgets. CareWorx can guide you towards an effective solution to ensure uptime in the face of disaster and to best protect your invaluable data assets.

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Security Business Continuity

Security & Protection

Comprehensive security management is concentrated in three areas of exploitation – perimeter, remote access and end-users. The service consists of:

  • Virus Protection & Remediation – Provides advanced virus, spyware and malware prevention to protect your organization from costly downtime due to virus outbreaks.
  • Patch Management – Protects corporate and remote users through a fully automated or targeted approach. This provides criticality assessments of vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring and analysis.
  • Patch Distribution – Protects resources through automated or targeted distribution of patches, monitors distribution status, performs root cause analysis and develops fixes along with monthly patch compliance reporting.
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The Benefits

CareWorx Security & Protection solutions help protect the overall usability, integrity and safety of your network and data by protecting the numerous devices that access it. Inadequate protection exposes businesses to malicious activity like ransomware attacks, viruses, hackers and data loss. It takes only one infected and un-patched machine to bring your entire network down. A Security & Protection solution can eliminate those fears with an ongoing anti-virus and patch management service.

CareWorx Security & Protection solutions enable you to consolidate multiple stand-alone IT and security management tools into one. CareWorx’ Business Continuity solutions ensure that you can recover your most critical resource, your data, in the face of disaster – often with zero downtime.

The benefits of a CareWorx solution include:

  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) – Proactive monitoring and management of your network stops issues before they become time-consuming, expensive problems.
  • Integrated reporting for insight into the health of your systems – Access management & reporting functions from a central system.
  • Consolidate tools – One automated subscription to meet your security needs, rather than managing and staying up to date on multiple tools being pushed out to every machine accessing your network.
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security benefits

ConnectOne – Secure Single Sign-On

Secure, Efficient Access to SaaS Applications

With more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, comes more logins to manage, which can cause frustration and often leads to practices that threaten data security. ConnectOne access management makes it simpler and safer for users to access the apps and data they need – anytime, anywhere through a user-friendly dashboard.

Strengthen Security & Compliance

  • One password provides secure access to multiple applications.
  • Set access policies based on users, locations, applications.
  • Secure accounts with multi-factor authentication if needed.

Drive Efficiency and User Productivity

  • Centralize access management for all users, directories and applications.
  • Accelerate application rollout and employee onboarding/offboarding.
  • Enable access to all apps from single secure portal – any device, any location.
  • Significantly reduce access-related helpdesk requests.
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Partnering with CareWorx means having an industry leader with the people, processes & technologies needed to help you manage some or all of IT.

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