What Are Managed Services

More than ever, your business, whether small or large, is dependent on your IT.  The right technology infrastructure and support is critical and requires constant supervision, maintenance, attention and technical support. Enter the Managed Service Provider (or MSP)

A good MSP aligns themselves with your business in a proactive, remotely monitored and managed model to automate IT processes and support. The better the alignment, the smoother your operations will run. Preventing costly downtime. Finding better ways to secure your infrastructure. Taking end-user support to the next level.

That’s where CareWorx can help. We manage your technology, so you can focus on your business.

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Managed IT Services

How Can We Help?

How do we begin to align your needs with our tried & true methodologies? We begin by getting Proactive…

Proactive Program

Most of our Managed IT customers begin in a Proactive Program where we can help stabilize their environment to make it more predictable. Designed for organizations with a moderate-to-high dependency on their IT infrastructure and services who have a strict IT budget. Proactive packages include bundled NOC & Helpdesk time* which allow the CareWorx Service Team to:

  • Prevent upcoming IT issues identified through predictive failure monitoring
  • Assist users with their IT issues and requests

Proactive Plus Program

After ‘graduating’ from our Proactive Program our customers move towards a fully managed program we call Proactive Plus. The more predictable the IT environment, the more stable & secure it becomes. This true partnership means that together we jointly reduce risks that might lead to costly fixes or increased level of day-to-day support time – this symbiotic relationship means our Proactive Plus customers are eligible for unlimited NOC time & Helpdesk time* and it allows the CareWorx service team to take corrective actions in the event of IT infrastructure or services failure

*Each CareWorx NOC and/or Helpdesk engagement draws against bundled NOC and Helpdesk time. If bundle of time is exceeded, the customer will be charged at our predetermined Proactive hourly support rate. Bundled NOC and Helpdesk time expires at the end of each month.

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The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Why move to Managed IT Services with CareWorx?

  • True Partnership – A good Managed Services Provider (MSP) aligns the needs of your organization with a solid foundation to build and grow from – meeting your current and future IT needs.
  • Peace of Mind – You are not an IT expert. MSPs take care of your IT so you can focus on running your business.
  • Proactive Support. There is no need to live in a break/fix world any longer. In fact, by not being proactive and assessing possible threats in advance, problems become even more severe. Proactive support works to ensures that your IT infrastructure and software is updated to minimize risks such as downtime, viruses and crashes.
  • Strategic IT Planning. What infrastructure will you need a year from now? 2 years from now? Managed Services provide insight that help determine current utilization rates, predictability of current IT systems and allow for educated planning for the future.
  • The experience of a continuously trained Team. Managed services give you access to a complete IT department; not just day-to-day support, but a virtual CIO acting as an extension of your own team. Recruiting, hiring, maintaining certifications, vacations, sick days, staying up to date on ALL things IT-related and the experience gained from working with thousands of satisfied customers are now all at your disposal.
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Enterprise Solutions

Managed Services solutions that scale with the size of your business.

Generally speaking, smaller and medium-sized businesses, with very few (if any) internal IT resources on staff, rely more heavily on Managed Services Providers. But larger enterprises can also benefit from outsourced Managed IT Services to run their own house and internal customer support like an MSP.

CareWorx specializes in ‘Personalizing Your End-User Experience’ whether that be for our customer’s support or for our customer’s customers. We have developed a successful co-managed service desk approach that allows our team to act as a ‘white-gloved’ extension of your own support team. We can provide you with access to modern MSP tools and extend your help desk to provide 24×7 coverage. We can also help usher you in to the new world of Managed IT Service Management. Find out more about Managed ITSM practices by visiting MSPWorx at https://mspworx.com/

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Partnering with CareWorx means having an industry leader with the people, processes & technologies needed to help you manage some or all of IT.

Contact sales@careworx.com for more information.