Personalizing your End-User Experience!

At CareWorx, our goal is to ‘Personalize your End-User Experience‘…  You might ask what this means?

Put simply, we strive to put the customer first at all times and meet their particular needs.  No matter how large our team grows to be, we:

  • match individualized teams (Service Pods) to your organization to tailor your experience
  • get familiar with your end-users personally
  • become a true extension of your team
  • provide you with a next-generation portal that provides a choice of ways to get support and real-time access to your tickets and corporate knowledge base

A True Partnership

A true partnership model means that we succeed when you do.  The better we understand your environment, the less problems you will face (uptime!) and the less tickets we will receive.  Our model revolves around remote monitoring & management to detect potential issues and proactive IT support to protect against downtime.  This means that we are more profitable only if we can make you more profitable.  A symbiotic business relationship!

CareWorx Managed IT & Service Desk Facts

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Ave # of Service Tickets/Yr
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